Lenny moved in just after Christmas. She had already started to sleep in the barn but the warmth of the house proved too much for her. She was a little wary of being too far away from the door so we dug out the old cat bed so she could at least be cosy with it in her sights.

She’s slowly venturing into the living room for some attention and a little rest in front of the fire, before retreating back to her bed. Martin and Tracy skirt round her, still a little unsure.

Roy, who’s quite happily ignored her until now, has started to show too much interest, so it was time to take her to the vets. We have our full quota of cats now. We really don’t need kittens, cute as a Lenny-Roy cross may be!

She came home yesterday and with a couple of days to re-orientate herself, and plenty of cuddles, she’ll soon be fighting for a place on the sofa. She can definitely consider herself one of the family.