When we viewed the house back in 2012, there was one room in which all the cooking, eating and living took place. For the past few years, in the absence of any other rooms, we continued to use it in the same way, subjecting our friends and family to many evenings round the table, more often than not, playing cards (and drinking wine of course!). It was always our intention once we had moved the kitchen downstairs to turn this room into a study. I know the kitchen moved downstairs last September but there’s always been something more pressing to finish.

So finally, with all the main building work on the house completed, we were able to set about changing this room into more than just a walk-through to get downstairs. Although not significant on the scale of some of the other room conversions we have done, there was still a fair amount to do: kitchen sink and units to remove, tiles to hack off, pipes to be disconnected and blocked off, the obligatory making good and re-plastering, plus painting and then fitting of battiscopa.

With the arrival of a new bookcase, we were also finally able to unpack 7 boxes of books! It didn’t take us long to realise that 7 boxes of books do not go into one bookcase, even with some heavy editing. So some thinking to do there then……..

In the meantime though, we can enjoy a view of the Apuan Alps from the desk, curl up on a comfy chair with a good book, and if the fancy takes me, bash out a tune on what now must be a painfully out of tune piano. Thank goodness M is tone deaf!

the original kitchen

the same corner now

the trap door, bannisters and the original fireplace

as it is now

bookcase and piano!

the view taken from the doorway

Coincidentally, just as we finished where we started with the main building work (the terrace), so too have we ended in the same room where it all began back in 2013, with the replacing of the trap door and wooden ladder with the floating concrete staircase. It’s almost like we planned it!