In September 2014, when we were naïve and enthusiastic, and building work and house renovation was exciting and full of promise, M and I started on our first job: removing the roof and walls of the hay barn to create a terrace. Keen friends came out and assisted in the demolition and it wasn’t long before we had the makings of a terrace.

With what was to becoming a recurring theme in the renovation of our house, it then stayed untouched for a while as we moved onto other things. Every now and then, and seemingly without any real planning, we did a bit to it: making it watertight, reinforcing the floor, adding a supporting concrete layer, fixing a railing and tiling. Slowly but surely, it started to look more and more like a terrace.

Now two years and 10 months later, it is done. We have gone from this:

original barn as seen on our first viewing (looking into our now bedroom)

the roof!

cleared and ready for demolition

to this:

view from our bedroom

view from the terrace

looking back towards our bedroom

a decorative corner with plants and an old mirror

The completion of the terrace means the building work on our house is now finished. Just one more thing to do before the final ‘before and after’ photos: paint the front door. In the meantime, we are enjoying the view

with a couple of these: