…..or two actually! We can finally say goodbye to draughts, temporary thresholds made out of 3×2 offcuts, and to all the creatures that have managed to squeeze round them. We now have proper thresholds on all the doors and have some steps leading out of the dining room and living room made out of the very stones that we dug up from the cowshed almost 2 years ago!

You might wonder why the doors never came with thresholds in the first place: surprisingly, these are not common here. After all, how do you sweep the dust from your floors if you have a threshold in the way? Our builder was asked this question and demonstrated with a dustpan and brush. We did ask our carpenter to build in the threshold but it seemed incomprehensible to him. ‘Make a very big window frame’, we suggested but to no avail. So, a couple of years on, we have finally got around to some finishing touches. Not a wildly exciting development but a very satisfying one nonetheless.

steps from the dining room

shallow living room step

Martin stress testing the steps!

Have you had an injury at work? Is Tracy planning to sue us for leaving our reject stones around?!