At about 9:15pm, on the way back from shutting the chickens in the coop for the night, a baby boar walked out of one of our bushes right in front of me and then headed into the old vineyard next to us. It was about the size of our cats and was seemingly alone. I rushed back in to get M and together we went to find it (at a safe distance of course and keeping our ears and eyes open for any larger relatives).

It was still light, there was the sound of people dining al fresco and a couple of girls were playing on a tree swing on the other side of the vineyard. The boar was un-phased by it all. As I crept closer, it must have been startled by the rustling (the vineyard is now very overgrown) and ran off out of sight. As we walked back to our house, we caught another glimpse of it further down the vineyard, merrily chomping on the undergrowth. Martin and Tracy, clearly aware of its presence, were not bothered by it. We, on the other hand, although feeling privileged to see one so close, wonder why it was alone and what’s bringing it out of the woods so early in the evening?